More awards than any other pink Prosecco and we can’t keep quiet about it.

The old people deciding the rules of Prosecco certainly took their time in allowing us to make a Rosé and put “Prosecco” on the bottle, but when the chains were finally broken we wasted no time bringing this beautiful expression to life. The signature fine and long-lasting bubbles of FIOL got a pair of rosé-coloured glasses, and deliver a really surprising and elegant wine that you will fall in love with!


Experience delightful FIOL Rosé, crafted with care by winemaker Marzio Pol. This refreshing and elegant expression captivates with its harmonious blend, graceful elegance, and invigorating freshness. It’s perfect for sharing with your 50 closest friends or savouring over dinner with your BFFs.

  • Method: Charmat
  • Grapes: 85% Glera & 15% Pinot Noir
  • Fermentation: 60 days

750 ML | ABV: 11% | ITALY VENETO


On The Eye: Mesmerizing coral shade with subtle pink reflections. On The Nose: Fruity aromas of raspberry and wild strawberry with hints of citrus lemons and white flowers.
On The Palate: Refreshing and elegant expression of FIOL, with the Pinot Noir shining through, showcasing a harmonious palate and persistent finish.