FIOL is a mindset and an approach to life. In the Venetian dialect, fiol is an ancient word that means son but is now commonly used to refer to a friend within a group who stands out—a natural leader that everyone admires, and lives life to the fullest.

FIOL is rooted in a love for Italy, a passion for good wine, and the Italian way of life. Founded by three lifelong friends who were born in Treviso, the heart of the Prosecco D.O.C. area and the original birthplace of Prosecco. The co-founders lived and grew up among the vineyards of the Veneto and traveled the world before concluding that nothing out there truly embodied what Prosecco meant for them.
FIOL was founded by Gian Luca Passi, Pietro and Giovanni Ciani Bassetti.
Marzio Pol is the winemaker of FIOL. Mr. Pol is a leading expert in the wine and sparkling wine industry, he has overseen more than 50 harvests and has more than 30 years of experience advising some of Italy’s most prestigious wineries.
Treviso, Italy.

FIOL is produced using the Charmat method, which is widely associated with the Prosecco region. The nature of this method creates the perfect bubbly sensation throughout the mouthfeel.

FIOL is passionate about art in all its forms, and its bespoke bottle and label design is a work of art in itself. Every element of the label design encapsulates the elegance and charm of Italy with its one-of-a-kind black and white label. The FIOL logo adorned on the bottle was inspired by the vine poles created to support the plant, showcasing symbols of strength and tradition.

The lively pink Prosecco is made using the finest Glera (85%) and Pinot Noir (15%). It’s elegant
with notes of raspberry and wild strawberry on the nose and citrus lemon and white flowers on the palette.

This extra dry Prosecco is made using 100% Glera grapes and offers a light golden expression with notes of wisteria flowers, acacia, and tangy mature crab apple.

Extra Dry refers to a medium dry wine that offers a hint of sweetness. It is different from a Dry Wine as Dry Wines offer medium levels of sweetness. Brut offers no sweetness and is dry to your taste.

The two expressions are both bubbly, lively and the best Italy has to offer.

  • FIOL Prosecco Extra Dry has a light golden expression with notes of wisteria flowers, acacia, and tangy mature crab apple. You’ll feel refreshed as you taste both savory and sweet flavors, ending on notes of Mediterranean spices and lemons.
  • FIOL Rosé is an elegant expression with a memorizing coral shade and subtle pink reflections. On the nose, you enjoy notes of raspberry and wild strawberry while citrus lemon and white flowers dance around on the palette.

Prosecco and Champagne are both sparkling wines however Prosecco is primarily made in Italy using Glera grapes where as Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France and is primarily Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. Production method for Prosecco is the charmat method where as Champagne requires the traditional method champenoise.

FIOL is the closest thing to having your Aperitivo in Italy. It’s perfect by the glass or mixed into cocktails, such as a spritz, Bellini, or mimosa.

Both expressions pair nicely with foods of all kinds, especially with seafood, savory cheeses, cured meats and fruits.

FIOL stays true to being an ambassador of the best that Italy has to offer. FIOL is proud to partner with impassioned farmers and craftsmen in sourcing, winemaking and distribution activities. From the growing of the grapes, the harvest, fermentation, bottling, to implementing state of the art technologies, every step of the winemaking process is overseen by truly dedicated experts.

The founders are a group of well-travelled friends from Treviso whose families’ deep roots in winemaking inspired them to create a wine that reflected the spirit of their friendship and the culture of their beloved Veneto region. FIOL is not only a Prosecco, it’s a way of life.

11% ABV for both the Extra Dry and Rosé.

French Spritz

2 oz FIOL Prosecco
1.5 oz St. Germain
2 oz Club Soda

Method: Built all into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.


Rosato Spritz

2 oz FIOL Rosé
1 oz Italicus
.05 oz Chinoto Vermouth
1 oz Club Soda

Method: Built all into a wine glass filled with ice and garnish with a sliced strawberry.



4 oz FIOL Prosecco
1 oz Peach Puree
.25 oz Peach Orchard Liqueur

Method: Build all slowly into a flute glass, garnish with peach marmalade dot and lemon balm leave.

A glass (4 fl.oz) of prosecco contains around 90 calories.

A glass of prosecco includes an average of 1.5 grams of sugar.

  • FIOL Prosecco Extra Dry has won many awards since its launch. To name a few: Decanter (Gold, 2018); The Prosecco Masters – The Drinks Business (Gold, 2017 and 2018).
  • FIOL Rosé was just launched in 2021 and has already won two gold medals: The Prosecco Masters – The Drinks Business (Gold 2021) and Berliner Wine Trophy (Gold 2021).



Both expressions are available for purchase at SHOP FIOL and select retailers In North American and Europe. (Other international countries coming soon)

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