From vine to glass: How we make FIOL Prosecco.

We’re popping the cork on the fascinating journey of FIOL Prosecco, uncovering the magical process that brings this beloved Italian sparkling wine to life.

Step 1: The Grapes – At the heart of every Prosecco bottle lies the Glera grape, the star of the show. Grown in the picturesque region of Treviso, the Glera grape boasts a delightful mix of fresh green apple, pear, and citrus flavours, intertwined with subtle floral notes. It’s the perfect grape for crafting a crisp and refreshing Prosecco.

Step 2: The Harvest – Timing is everything in winemaking, and FIOL Prosecco is no exception. The grapes are carefully hand-picked during late summer or early autumn, just as they reach the perfect balance of sugar and acidity. This precise timing ensures that the resulting wine showcases the true essence of the Glera grape.

 Step 3: Gentle Pressing – Once the grapes are harvested, they undergo a gentle pressing to extract their juice. This process is crucial in preserving the delicate aromas and flavours of the grapes while minimizing any bitter elements.

Step 4: First Fermentation – Now, it’s time for the magic to happen! The extracted grape juice undergoes its first fermentation in stainless steel tanks. During this stage, yeast converts the natural sugars into alcohol, giving birth to still wine, which will later become the base for Prosecco.

Step 5: The Charmat Method – Now comes the part that gives Prosecco its signature effervescence. The second fermentation takes place using the Charmat method, also known as the tank method. In this process, the still wine is transferred to pressurized stainless-steel tanks, along with a dose of yeast and sugar. As fermentation occurs in sealed tanks, carbon dioxide is trapped, creating those delightful bubbles we all love.

Step 6: Bottling – After the second fermentation, the wine is left to settle in the tanks for a few months, allowing the flavours to meld and the bubbles to develop fully.

Once the winemaker is satisfied with the wine’s character, it is carefully bottled, ready to bring joy to your glass. The culmination of this enchanting journey is when you uncork each bottle of FIOL Prosecco. Each sip encapsulates the care, passion, and tradition that goes into crafting this beloved sparkling wine.