"FIOL is more than a drink, it embraces the whole Italian culture and way of living. It embodies being part of a group of friends sharing a passion for wine and enjoying every moment of life."

– Giovanni, Gian Luca & Pietro – FIOL Founders –


“FIOL is not just a drink, it is way to savor life.”

It refers to the great friend that everyone admires. So when we embrace the Italian lifestyle and culture we do it in a FIOL way. It is authentic, edgy and appreciative of life.


FIOL is perfect by the bottle, by the glass but also extensively used for cocktails, which drives incredible diversification in the drink experience.

Start by adopting the adagio that somewhere in the world it is time for FIOL. Then, remember, that the closest thing to actually having your Aperitivo in Italy is to pop a bottle of FIOL. Then, depending on your mood, either have a delicious glass of the finest bubbles or mix your cocktail recipe of choice.




Recipes & Pairings

Ideal for aperItivo and perfect for meals

Cool and elegant, versatile and with low ABV, FIOL is a wine suited for every situation: perfect as an Aperitivo, perfect with food. It pairs beautiful with the flavours of modern international cuisine, as well as with traditional Italian dishes.

"FIOL is designed to bring in the fun and elevate every occasion with an effortless elegance"

– Giovanni, Gian Luca & Pietro – FIOL Founders –