Sgroppino Recipe

The Sgroppino traces its roots to the Venetian region in Italy, where it has been cherished for centuries as a traditional palate cleanser and a delightful way to conclude a meal.

The name “Sgroppino” is said to be derived from the Venetian word “sgropìn,” meaning “to untie” or “to loosen.” In the old days, the Sgroppino was a refreshing elixir served at lavish feasts to “untie” the stomach after a copious meal, ensuring diners left feeling light and refreshed.

Today, the Sgroppino has become a beloved classic in Italian cuisine, cherished by locals and visitors alike. Whether enjoyed at a family gathering, a celebratory feast, or a romantic dinner by the Venetian canals, the Sgroppino remains a symbol of Italy’s rich culinary history and the art of savouring life’s simple pleasures.


You will need these ingredients:

1 Scoop    Lemon Sorbet
1/2 Part    Vodka
1/2 Part    Llimoncello
2 Parts     FIOL Prosecco

And it is super easy to make:

  1. Stir together the lemon sorbet, vodka and limoncello in a Martini glass or coupette until incorporated.
  2. Top with FIOL Prosecco.

Typically served in a Martini glass or coupette.